Philip Grindell is one of the UK's most trusted leaders and advisors when it comes to fixated persons and national security issues, so, it's an absolute pleasure to welcome him onto this week's podcast. In this episode of the Circuit Magazine Podcast, we're discussing the threat fixated individuals pose to our principals. And, as Philip puts it... “The fixated individual poses a greater risk of death and serious harm than terrorists and criminals. So, if you are a protector, that means that you are between them and the target, which means they have no issue whatsoever of harming you to get to that target.” Across the board, the threat posed by fixated individuals is massively underappreciated and the training is often inadequate. Philip and his company, Defuse, are on a mission to address this shortcoming across this industry. Tune in to this week's show for lots of practical tips and takeaways. #Podcast #CircuitMagazinePodcast #fixatedIndividuals

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-07-28 13:00:12 UTC