After robbery and RTAs, Fixated Individuals are the biggest threat to us as protectors of prominent people. Agree? This week we have been talking about #FixatedIndividuals and we heard from Philip Grindell of Defuse on the podcast who shared some in-depth knowledge. Quick stats: - Estimated: 5 million incidents occur in the U.K. each year. - Victims do not report to police until after 100+ incidents - 1 in 2 domestic stalkers will act on a threat if they make one. - 40% of homicide victims had also been stalked. (*source: Paladin) Those stats highlight both the prevalence and seriousness of the threat. But what encounters have you experienced while on tasks? Obviously, no need to share client deets, etc, but it will be useful to see how rife of a problem this is, particularly compared to the US where it’s commonplace.

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-07-31 10:51:24 UTC