Guys and girls a bit of advice needed. I have a client I have just started working with based in London however she spends a large amount of time in LA. Just before she came over to London she was carjacked, she had no CP team with her just her recently born baby and she was extremely shaken up with the ordeal. I am now dealing with a Principal who does not want to really leave the house and point blank refuses to get into any high end vehicle that we may use for fear of another attack. I have tried everything I can to reassure her as has the rest of my team but we are really struggling to get her ‘back on the horse’ Has anyone had any experiences similar to this or is there anything you guys could suggest we try? We have looked at some possible therapy including hypnosis but as yet nothing has worked Thanks as always Lee

Posted by leewebstercpo at 2021-08-03 20:18:12 UTC