This week's podcast is a 'must listen to' for all protectors, no matter what type of principal you're assigned to. Managing violence as an executive protection professional might seem really intuitive. But today's guest Joe Saunders, the host of the Managing Violence podcast, is going to give us a real hard look at how managing workplace violence and de-escalation is fundamental to what we do as protectors. In this episode we cover: - Joe's 9 step process for dealing with occupational violence - What are the two triggers that lead to almost all violent episodes we encounter - Joe's surprising suggestions for seeking the best de-escalation training This episode is an absolute gem. Don't miss it! #Podcast # CircuitMagazinePodcast #WorkplaceViolence #OccupationalViolence

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-08-04 13:21:32 UTC