On this week's podcast, we are speaking with Hilda Dafe Nwachukwu, a Global Crisis Response Manager to discuss how operators can go about mastering etiquette and better understand the threat landscape when operating in West Africa. “If you do not have the right training or the right network, and you don't understand the environment, you're set up to fail.” Tune in as we chat about: - What the uninitiated need to know about operating in West Africa? - What international security operators and professionals should do to prepare for a trip to the region? - What should people be aware of when it comes to local etiquette and customs when planning for a trip to West Africa? - What are some of the current challenges operators would face in global and corporate security in the region? - What is the best advice for anyone looking to get a job within corporate security in West Africa?

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-08-11 13:03:32 UTC