Morning All, I’m looking for accurate advice they may start a discussion on the BBA forum. What can a commercial Security Officer (CP, Door Supervisor) legally do when escorting an individual from a property? We have been asked to conduct some tests to ascertain procedures and compliance with legal requirements when ‘removing an individual from the a property/site’. The individual could be trespassing or have paid to enter (nightclub) and could be threatening or passive. Does anyone have the correct, legal answer? Ive received so much inconsistency from the ‘industry’, I simply cannot believe how varied the responses are. Im also trying to get my hands on a copy of the BS 7960:2016 Door supervision. Code of Practice. I can obviously pay for it but too tight fisted to do this once only requirement or read. Any help would be v much appreciated and may help the wider BBA community. Thank you Ben

Posted by ben.gunn at 2021-09-16 08:07:43 UTC