Are we seeing the evolution of the Security Generalist? What do you need to know and do you need to become one? This week we recorded the show live from The Security Event, and with the help of guests, Philip Ingram, Stuart Nash and Ellie Hurst, we're going to develop our understanding of the security generalist. We’ll be asking… - What is a security generalist? Do you need to understand all the different facets of security? Can you still be a specialist in a particular area? - Is there an industry-wide move towards generalist over specialist and does that create a counterargument for being a specialist? - What if you’re already a highly skilled specialist; no one would expect a Neurologist to retrain as a GP, so why is this creeping into the security industry? #CircuitMagazinePodcast #Podcast #LiveEvent

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-09-16 13:08:38 UTC