Security Consultant Employer: Other Solutions Location: Global Closing date31 Oct 2021 Security Consultants - (Short term mission) OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting Ltd (OSC) is a risk management consulting company that supports the identification, prevention and management of risks and crises associated with our clients’ international development. OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting Ltd provides customer service excellence through multidisciplinary teams with a high level of indispensable skills for integrating security into all stages of the project management cycle. Depending on the clients’ needs we pull together the most appropriate mix of specialists to best meet these needs and the context. OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting Ltd clients’ base ranges from aid agencies to private companies and includes governments and international organisations such as the United Nations. We have specialized in providing security risk services to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and as such, we favour a low-profile, mature, analytical and context-specific approach to security risk management. Our aim is not to reduce our clients’ ability to do their work, but to ensure they can do it safely in spite of the security risks. In light of our business expansion, OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting Ltd is currently selecting several potential security consultants to be added to our roster. If you apply and are selected, you will not necessarily be offered a job as this will ultimately depend on future contracts and clients’ needs. You will however be added to our roster and we will contact you as soon as the need arises. About the role: As a Security Consultant with OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting Ltd, you will be placed with our clients for a given period, ranging from few days to several months. You may be sent to virtually any country, with the prime responsibility of supporting our clients in the identification, prevention and management of security risks. Your responsibilities may be different from one mission to another. You may sometimes be working as the main security advisor/officer developing the security system of an organisation and other times be part of a team, providing security trainings to field staff. You may provide security advice to senior management one day, provide support during the management of a crisis the next day or provide Online Security Training. This diversity of responsibilities makes it a very interesting and rewarding role, yet requires a good amount of maturity and cultural sensitivity. Key responsibilities: Depending on your experience and set of skills, you may be proposed to work in one or several of the following areas: 1) Strategic Guidance Support the client in the development of an organisational-wide security risk management framework; Review and re-write organisational-wide security documentations including Corporate security risk policies; security guidelines; critical incident management; as well as templates and tools to support security management at all levels; Write organisation-specific security risk management manuals aimed at senior managers and risk managers; Provide accurate security-related information to help senior managers make informed decisions; Identify security risk management related roles and responsibilities and provide recommendations for the inclusion of these in the staff organogram; Provide recommendations for the most relevant and efficient allocation of resources to risk management; Provide recommendations for the appropriate rolling-out, mainstreaming, ownership and oversight of the revised risk management framework. 2) Operational Support Carry out security audits; Review and enhance existing country security plans; Develop country and location-specific risk assessments; Support organisations in their expansion into new geographical areas of operation; Develop security risk management manual for staff; Provide operational mentoring and coaching on risk and security management issues including mainstreaming of security; Plan for contingencies – evacuation (security and medical), relocation, hibernation – at regional, country and local levels; Prepare for crisis management – policy, crisis management team, communication, materials, trainings; Establish information coordination and management systems – incident reporting and feedback circles, information gathering and analysis, travel monitoring; Support the management team when outsourcing security services (call for tenders) – drivers, guards, close protection; Support the vetting of new staff; Provide traveller briefings and debriefings; Deliver confidential psychological support and debriefings following a critical incident. 3) Crisis Management Facilitate the development of crisis management strategies; Lead the establishment of a crisis management team; Facilitate contacts with key stakeholders; Provide negotiation assistance; Support crisis communication – internal and external; Ensure media monitoring; Provide confidential psychological support and debriefings following a critical incident; Provide post-incident assessment. 4) Provision of Trainings (face to face and/or Online) in: · Personal Security; · Security Risk Management; · Crisis Management; · Stress management; · Sexual harassment awareness; · Access negotiation · Driver and Guard trainings; · First Aid and Trauma – basic and advanced; · Psychological first aid; · Health and Safety; · Training of the Trainers. Required skills & experience Essential: First, had experience with the Aid & development Sector, or Human Right Defenders. Security management experience with a proven ability to develop and implement effective and contextualized protocols and systems. Experience in the areas of security planning, organizing and executing security operations in the field. Skilled in influencing and obtaining the cooperation of individuals not under supervisory control; able to work as a member of a multinational team and manage a variety of external and internal relationships to achieve results. Proven written and analytical skills. Excellent communication skills- coherent, timely and strategic. Competency in Internet and Microsoft Office systems Willingness to work and travel in often difficult and insecure environments. Ability to work in multicultural settings. Fluency in French, English, Spanish and/or Arabic. Friendly, approachable and flexible. Desirable: Demonstrated understanding of humanitarian principles, codes of conduct, and Aid organizational culture. Thorough familiarity with principles and current approaches to the models of security management used in the aid sector. Good knowledge of communications technology, including VHF, HF radio systems, satellite communications, cell phone mediums, etc. Formal trainer qualifications Self-motivated and able to work effectively without close supervision. Experience with critical incident management. Experience in liaising with civilian, police and military government authorities, as well as with regional, national and international institutions. How To Apply: Expressions of interest, including a cover letter and résumé in English, should be to our HR team Pay and Benefits: To be discussed, adjusted depending on the experience, skills, and conditions of each mission. Candidates considered for interviews will be contacted shortly

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