What is Open-Source Intelligence and how does it apply to modern-day Executive Protection? Is this something that everyone should know something about or is it only for a few select specialists? On today’s podcast we're delighted to be talking with Pete Jenkins of @ISSTraining to explore this subject in details. Tune in to hear us discuss… - What sort of background, prerequisites, or prior learning do candidates need before they embark on an OSINT course? - Why does today’s EP professional need this skillset? Does everyone need it, or should it be assigned to a designated, skilled expert? - How can EP operators use OSINT fundamentals to mask the movements of their principal? - If you're looking to remain under the radar, what can people do to stop others from finding them? https://podcast.circuit-magazine.com/episode/essential-osint-for-executive-protection-pete-jenkins

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-10-27 18:19:07 UTC