I have been now with the BBA CONNECT for 7 months approx and didn't realise how much benefit I would get out of this Brilliant app by being a Gold member created by the BBA team and since the launch of the NABA PROTECTOR Joining both APPS AS FULL MEMBER, has created even more learning, with free subscription to the circuit Magazine and podcasts & certain apps which I didn't even know about as I've been meeting and networking with some members and have bumped into some great protectors on this journey, this year. I just want to thank every single one of you and making sure I won't stop here and continue to keep Moving forward by understanding the process of the buissness and always being Professional. There may blockages in certain areas which I know I need to improve, but by learning the skills needed will bring me back to the level I'm on, which will be in the middle of the ladder, always. I can't take away the amount of experience of so many protectors in this industry, but to just to give that 110% effort and respect to every single one you, as I will be always learning 24/7 and Moving Forward.

Posted by Mohammad Naziam(Naz) Akram at 2021-11-14 03:32:38 UTC