Is it me? Or does this industry lean towards negativity, criticism, and outright jumping to conclusions…? Don’t get me wrong, these are pervasive qualities that can manifest in any of us if we’re not watchful but some operators seem to fall foul to it more than others. What I’m talking about is a trait that makes it difficult for some operators to display any patience or objectivity whatsoever. Rather than taking the time to assess the situation these operators like to dive into confrontations feet first, full of righteous indignation, ready to criticise and complain without doing any fact-checking or research. Not only is this an ugly quality, but it’s also a potential hazard to a principle and a vulnerability to the operator. We all know these types and encounter them frequently on the Circuit and social media. They’re easy to spot. But, is it so easy to spot when you start exhibiting these same traits? Certainty and assuredness are good qualities in this line of work but be careful not to become arrogant and close-minded to new ideas. Case in point: recently, on social media, I saw a respected ‘expert’ criticising people who were seeking to improve their knowledge with valuable, educational content simply because that expert doesn’t believe that any form of learning can be effectively delivered online. Don’t fall into the same trap. Remain watchful and stay open-minded to other ideas and different ways of approaching things. In the latest edition of On the Circuit, we have a great feature written by Elijah Shaw on this topic titled: Armchair quarterbacks. #OntheCircuit #Newsletter

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-12-20 14:49:49 UTC