As the curtain comes down on 2021 I wanted to take a brief moment to thank all our members for your amazing support of the association through what’s been a pretty tumultuous year. While 2021 may not have been the year many of us were expecting or hoping for I think it’s fair to say that we’ve started to see indications of better things ahead. I think we can all feel a little more positive about 2022. Despite the setbacks and inertia across the industry, the association has taken the opportunity to introduce new resources and member benefits, which have been very well received. First off, we launched this app at the start of the year and we’ve been so pleased to see all the uses you’ve found for it and how it’s brought the community together in real time. Next came the podcast; this was a big commitment for our small team and I’m blown away by the fact we made it to 50 episodes! Then we introduced events and workshops to our member benefits, inviting experts from all across the industry to share their knowledge with us all. And finally, we took the bold move to start a weekly newsletter, rounding up all that’s happening in the industry and the association. And speaking of which, here is your final newsletter of 2021 - please enjoy. Wishing all our members and your families a happy and prosperous new year.

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2021-12-31 21:06:12 UTC