This week we have a special episode of the Circuit Magazine podcast where we reveal the top 5 podcast episodes of 2021. As we move the podcast into season two, we decided to do a quick recap, going back through the archives of our first 50 episodes to bring you the top 5, most-listened-to episodes. In this condensed awards ceremony-esque episode, not only do we bring you the best interviews, but we’re also bringing you the best bits of each of those episodes squeezed into one mega episode! So, whether you’re a long-time circuit podcast listener and already have your own list of favourites, or maybe you're new to the show and wondering where to start, here is the definitive guide of listener favourites from season 1… there promises to be a few surprises! Finally, the whole Circuit team would like to thank all our listeners for all your support, it got us through a whole year and 50 episodes and we're excited to be back with some great new guests planned for season 2.

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2022-01-06 15:41:26 UTC