For what it is worth… Officially speaking it’s been 5 months since I acquired my CP badge. Since then Iv had 6 jobs relating to either UHNWI, foreign/domestic diplomats, RST, prestige events! Iv even managed to spend 3 nights with foreign armed forces including our very own RaSP! These are the jobs I managed to catch. But best believe me there were plenty more I applied for but didn’t fit the criteria! I’m not your typical CP guy! I’m actually far from the stereotype! This is the reason I hopped on the circuit! I felt with my differences and skills that I bring to the table that this would make me an ideal candidate! I was kind of wrong… the industry still lust for a certain look which is the big guy, or the small guy who knows the main guy! What do you all think? Anyways after 2 years training and my own self development programme I’m nearly at the end of the boring part! Iv just got to get this firearms acknowledgement fulfilled as I’m looking at hostile work, specifically CAT for Cat 1-3 jobs which will be all overseas! Low risk low pay has been ringing in my head for a long time and I’m nearly there to finally make some change to this way of life! SE-ASIA is thriving for CP especially KL as there is a company called Atlas Solutions run by British ex-mil, and the ceo was and still is SIA i believe! Worth checking them out as they are looking for British CP! Anyways hope everyone is well! If there is any CAT operatives or if any of you know someone who is hiring let me know. ✌🏽

Posted by TSOHG at 2022-02-03 05:46:20 UTC