The job of protecting your principal from the people closest to them can be a difficult one. With technological developments and the wide adoption of social media, our job is only going to get more difficult. With our On the Circuit newsletter and the discussions we have here in BBA Connect, we can keep ourselves ahead of the curve and look out for one another by sharing experience and knowledge. Don't miss this week's edition of On the Circuit where we cover the following: - Resilience and presilience: What’s the difference? - Lessons Learned: When things go wrong as a foreigner in a conflict zone. - Selfie Security Breach: Protecting your principal from the people closest to them. - Crypto Bodyguard: Non-conventional job postings - the new norm? Let’s get into it. #OntheCircuit #Newsletter

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2022-04-04 09:45:26 UTC