After 17 years of prior unemployment in March 2019 I did my Close Protection training which was unexpected and changed my life after prolonged and genuine difficulties. Then realising I couldn’t work as an standard type of CPO due to a (intentionally gained) Criminal Record (an Agent at work even before I realised it) and other personal issues I set up in the security industry alone 3 years ago TODAY!! Since then I have dealt with several Presidents, many celebrities, huge corporations and their leaders, Royalties from different Nations, several political leaders, Military experts globally, lots of truly awesome security personnel and Agents (security will always be my main passion ever since the CPO training) - and also a lot of talented low key Agents who deserve greater acknowledgment for their commendable duties that I have seen first hand so often. It truly has been a rollercoaster of a three years and the many incarnations of both my own name (whatever shall I pick next lol) and the name of the business also have all been a fun part of that evolution for me both personally and professionally. I’d like to thank this COMMUNITY right here for making me feel welcome and respected despite my obvious often controversial eccentricities. theBBA truly is a **respectful** and pioneering organisation that does so much awesome work and I have learned so much from many here and the great podcasts also along with a **priceless** sense of “belonging” as a solo Agent out in the field often doing a soul destroying job at times and feeling very isolated. I have never known another so welcoming and professional a community as this one and I remain greatly appreciative of the hard work by those here and the many members. Thank you all and here is to three mind boggling years TODAY of “unexpected espionage mastery” (lol) with a strong **security** (and military) emphasis to my strange little company after years of assuming I would never work again - and I hope for great success in the companies future - and also the same wishes for all BBA staff and members too!! Kind regards to all, Truman (aka. Scrooge lol) 🥳🌈🙏🏿

Posted by Scr00geVille™️ at 2022-04-22 14:45:46 UTC