The fast pace of technological advances means that we have more power to assist us than ever before. However, on the flip, we have increasingly more threats to contend with. In the latest issue of the Circuit Magazine, we bring you a series of articles to broaden your understanding of how we can keep our clients protected beyond physical measures. This is another packed issue with fantastic contributions from familiar faces and some new ones, including: Elijah Shaw, Shaun West @Shaun (BBA Team), John Moore @John Moore, Denida Grow @AthenaWorldwide, James Bore @coffeefueled, Krisztian Zerkowitz @k.zerkowitz, Phelim Rowe @Phelim (BBA Team), Orlando Wilson, Luke Daniel, Ben Kunde, Mark James, Ryan Bohl & Dale L. June. Remember: BBA Members can read the magazine for free, cover to cover or on an article-by-article basis. Non-members can purchase it directly by going to:

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2022-06-01 14:33:16 UTC