As a trusted advisor is it a good idea to routinely answer with a ‘no’? - NO. So then, should you always say ‘yes’? - NO. Well, what about answering with a ‘yes, but…’? - Well, YES, BUT… …you need to know what comes after the ‘but…’. You need to be able to speak to the realities of the situation and you need to talk with a foundation of knowledge. This week’s podcast guest, Chris Aldous is here to help us explore core security by design principles along with how a protector can transition into a trusted security advisor role, addressing questions such as: - What tools and tech are adversaries using to counter building security measures? - How can protectors learn security by design skills that they can build into their own operations? - What order of threats are most important to consider when protecting buildings? Tune in for another great episode of the Circuit Podcast. #CircuitMagazinePodcast #Podcast #TrustedAdvisor

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2022-06-11 16:30:07 UTC