Beyond the day-to-day expectations of the job, what requests have clients made of you? And, could they be justified as falling under the umbrella of protective services? *Spoiler... usually, they can! Actor Sharnaaz Ahmad has hired a bodyguard following a recent controversy where he was accused of beating up a person. He said that the bodyguard's role is to control him from getting involved in unwanted situations. “This is to ensure I do not get involved in any problems. If I am about to get into trouble, the bodyguard needs to get me out of the situation.” While this situation may seem like an unorthodox use of protective services to the uninitiated ( @Phelim (BBA Team) ) , it should not surprise anyone in our industry; indeed, all experienced protectors know that the biggest threat to a protectee is often themselves. The methods we employ to protect an individual are potentially unlimited and the bodyguard’s remit can be far and wide. What other ‘outside the box’ services have you known protectors to employ in order to keep their clients safe?

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2022-07-29 13:25:55 UTC