Have you ever experienced a job scam in the security industry? A couple of weeks ago, we assisted a colleague who had been the victim of a very sophisticated recruiting scam. It's quite sad to say but job scams are not something new, and the scammers have become very creative, especially when utilizing social media. For this reason, I co-wrote this article with Venessa Ninovic, an Intelligence Analyst, who has been working in law enforcement and has experience investigating fraudulent activity and threats online. In our article, you will find descriptions of the most frequently used scams and the simple methods and tools (with links) that you can use to verify a recruiter or a company. If you still need help in validating a hiring company or a recruiter, please contact us, and we will help you. If you have been approached by a suspected scam artist(s), please inform your network and make them aware. https://epbacktobasics.com/2022/08/18/job-scams-in-the-security-industry/

Posted by LeMareschal at 2022-08-18 02:21:59 UTC