After many months in production, we're delighted to finally bring multi-tier memberships to the app. This means you can now join the British Bodyguard Association as a full member directly through BBA Connect, choosing the tier that best aligns with what you want to get out of it. Not only that, but for the first time ever, you can now sign up to Bronze, Silver or Gold on one of our new flexible monthly plans.* This is only phase 1 of the roll-out and there will be many more improvements to the member platform and benefits to come soon. Remember, in addition to the app, you can log into your BBA Connect account as a website through any browser. This is another area where you'll see improvements coming soon. *Please note: Monthly membership plans DO NOT include member packs. Member packs are only available to Annual subscribers.

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2022-08-24 15:37:31 UTC