In this week’s edition of On the Circuit, we consider the importance of preparation and compare a few different examples of how you can improve your overall effectiveness in this crucial area. We have contributions from: Peter Moore – An IT consultant and former hostage who has developed a VR trainer to simulate the experience of being taken hostage in order to prepare for the worst possible outcome. Mark James - breaks down how to prepare for a disaster and lays out a framework for dealing with disasters when they strike. Elijah Shaw ( ) – provides commentary on the recent attempted assassination of the Argentinian Vice President and discusses how protectors need to prepare for these situations by replacing ‘natural human response’ with a ‘trained protector response.’ Krisztian Zerkowitz ( @k.zerkowitz ) – reminds us that preparation for any medical scenario starts by knowing where your kit and equipment is and ensuring it’s serviceable and accessible. + All Your regular features. #OntheCircuit #Newsletter #Preparation

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2022-09-04 10:33:39 UTC