Good evening all, My name is Adam, a close protection licensed operative. I am 31 years of age and available for tasking. This can include fast ball dependant on location etc. I am free to work throughout the Uk and happy to travel abroad. Contact me at 07727204030 I would be happy to be added to any what’s app groups also. Previous experience working with the UK Police force, allows me to seek Close Protection opportunities as CPO and RST throughout the UK and abroad. Utilising my previous relevant history experiences and employments to provide excellent results within the industry. A proven excellent history in the retail sector where a strong focus was on customer care and providing a high level of outstanding service to customers and stakeholders. I have progressed my security skills and abilities over the years starting as a Security Officer with basic roles of RST then advancing to the mobile patrols section, working covertly at high profile events and Door Supervisor work has helped me gain valuable people skills and abilities allowing me to utilise my interpersonal, problem solving and communication skills. Now as a CPO I bring all these skills together.

Posted by Adam Wilce at 2022-09-04 22:46:32 UTC