If you are in the Executive Protection industry, you are aware of the importance of OSINT for Protective Intelligence and how large a part it plays in today’s security operations. There are many platforms, tools and techniques one could use depending on the operation’s needs. The last few years, I have been combining both EP and Intelligence Analyst roles, with the intelligence portion having become a deep interest of mine. I do believe OSINT is vital part for every security organization and should be utilized to full potential. How can OSINT analysts create more actionable threat intelligence for EP teams? 🤔 In this episode, we break down the communication gap that exists between OSINT analysts and protectors in the field. We also discuss: 🏆 What analysts should do before working with an EP team. 🤫 What protectors on the ground probably won’t tell you. ❌ The common OSINT mistakes that compromise client safety. 🧠 How biases can jeopardize security. ... and much more. Thank you Navigator - Powered By LifeRaft team for the invitation and Robert Baillieul for the interesting conversation. Listen to the full episode here. 👇 https://open.spotify.com/show/58swyOH1dazp2WOOXkXtX4?si=rEeDoSAESmOLRm3L-jm_Hw&utm_source=copy-link

Posted by LeMareschal at 2022-09-28 05:38:45 UTC