What advice or observations would you offer to this new protector trying to establish themselves in the industry? The following was taken from a comment posted on the Circuit magazine website, in response to Mark James’ article, ‘Why you aren’t working.’ "I was asked to stand in for a colleague and take the client to a big soccer game without any preparation. I arrived at the client’s place on time, though the client came out late. I was driving and was told to ‘step on it’. We made two stops to meet friends of the client and formed a convoy. At this point, I’m leading the convey but not knowing the exact gate to use. I was only given the ticket (containing the destination details) while driving. Unfortunately, Google & Waze let me down and couldn’t pick up the gate. Additionally, the road I’d selected to use turned out to be blocked by government officials. It’s now 15:17, we’re still two km away in heavy traffic, and the game starts at 15:30. At this point, I slipped up and made a negative comment, which I accept was a mistake. The Client verbally attacked me, and now my mind is not clear. So, I dropped the EP etiquette and forced my way forward through the traffic like an emergency responder. Luckily, the client’s friend, following in the convoy, had a trained CP driver. He stuck with me, bumper to bumper, but unfortunately, the 3rd car got separated and left behind. The client is on my case again, telling me to pull over and get him there on foot. So, now, I’m blocking the road, but I'm able to get past and force the way up to the stadium until we reach the VIP entrance. However, it turns out the Client’s friends don’t have VIP parking tickets and the guys on access control aren’t friendly. I manage to soften them, and after a few minutes they agree to open the gate, and somehow, we got in, just in time. What an experience. I still haven’t recovered!”

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2022-10-31 17:59:06 UTC