Maintaining a black book / maintaining phone contacts can be extremely useful. When working in the industry it can take you to many far out places and you will work with many people that will support you along the way. This may be other bodyguards, drivers, nannies, house staff, personal assistants, hotel managers or any other number of supporting roles. It is worthwhile maintaining these contacts on your device as you never know when they may come in useful again. There are many occasions when I have tracked back through my phone book and reached out to someone as I’ve been asked do you know someone who can provide “X service” in “Y location”. Maintaining your contacts means that you can reach out and become a solution provider whilst helping out people within your network at the same time. By creating opportunities for others you never know one day that favour may be repaid when you need it most….. so before you delete a contact at the end of a job think is this someone who provides a service that may be useful to you or others within your network down the line?

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2022-11-17 15:39:39 UTC