As you scour the job boards looking for openings, you might not realise it, but there is a huge skills shortage in our industry, leaving companies critically short on talent. "Surely, that's an easy problem to solve," I hear you say. "Tell us where the vacancies are and the skills required, and we can plug the gap.” Simple, right? In theory, yes. But part of the problem is that the skills gap is in an emerging area involving protection in the digital realm. Another reason for the gap is due to an industry-wide view that the role of the bodyguard is limited to protecting people from physical threats, using hard skills. So, the protection of people, places and assets from digital threats is the responsibility of someone else. However, in a modern world, where terms such as executive protection and protective intelligence are favoured over the traditional idea of a 'bodyguard', isn't it about time that we, as modern protectors, start to refine our skillset to meet the demands of modern protection and stop viewing it as the domain of geeks and IT gurus? The solution to solving the skills shortage might not be quite so one-dimensional, and certainly, there are other factors to consider, such as better investment in and retention of workers, keeping up with the changing pace of technology, and establishing clearer career pathways. And diligent and ambitious protectors should relish both the learning and job opportunities this creates. Read more insights on this and other latest industry trends at On the Circuit, a weekly newsletter that distils all of the relevant news and information direct to your inbox because what you don’t know in protection can hurt you. #OntheCircuit #ProtectorSkills #Newsletter

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2022-12-04 13:41:49 UTC