The Hostage Rescue week Hosted by Alan White, Lofty Wiseman and Ginge Johnson. The Hostage rescue week Itinerary – and selection for role during selection A resume of activities involving the rescue of a VIP hostage (identity to be discussed) the idea being that a VIP is ‘snatched’ on the first day of training by the boys in spectacular fashion. The week’s training is then geared towards a final ‘rescue’ of said VIP- and the roles appointed by selection during ongoing training. Shooting: Firearms and tactical skills; inclusive of sniper training. Live fire. CQC unarmed Combat: Probably more focused on aggressive, Commando/SF style fighting. Includes all aspects of bare hands and weapons. Medical emergency skills: Covering all aspects. Navigation: Inclusive of water crossing, survival training, etc. Including night training and survival skills. Escape and Evasion: Ties into navigation, river crossing, etc. Stress and interrogation upon capture. Driver Training: Including evasive driving, breakouts, vehicle hijack/ambush drills (paintball/BB guns for ambush, Or Simunition) Abseil/Rope Work: With/without harness. Playlets and Roleplay: The Killing house, to learn room clearance, entry, close order tactics, associated weapons etc. IED searches and vehicle convoy/car contact drills (ties into driver training as above) Students to be aware of tasks occurring any time, 24 hours per day, including stand downs. The Final Exercise: The recce of the hostage with ultimate plan and rescue, applying everything learned so far. Night-time Escape and Evasion. Final rescue £1500 including accommodation Dates 24th april -2nd May 2023 Please email for more information.

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