I'd like to make all our network aware of a very special and unique event which is being organised by Nannyguards, the brainchild of Denida Grow ( @AthenaWorldwide ) and Chris Grow ( @cgrow1 ) and is being proudly sponsored by the Circuit Magazine. The event is called Bodyguards for Kids and it's a combination of a virtual networking and educational fundraising event where 100% of the donations and event fees go to the children of St. Jude's Hospital. The event is dual-purpose, with the main aim being to gather as many donations as possible for the children in need while also creating a unique learning experience for all attendees. How to attend/donate: By attending the event, the purchase of your ticket is your donation. All ticket sales and donations are made directly through St. Jude's website so all proceeds go directly to the cause. How much does it cost? $39 donation* (You're very welcome to donate more, and there are some special sponsorship opportunities for individuals or corporations who are interested). What you get: - Virtual Training: 15 classes run by industry experts - Raffle Prizes: Scholarships and Books to be won - Helping little heroes - 100% of all proceeds go to the Children of St. Judes When: March 18th & 19th This is a wonderful event, we're delighted to be involved and we hope to see lots of our network in virtual attendance.

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2023-02-06 19:14:24 UTC