I am a licensed CPO living in Leicestershire. I have achieved recognition in my previous employment as a neighbourhood officer with Leicestershire Police and am confident I have the skills and motivation to succeed as a CPO. I have since been able to assist highly regarded companies with some contract work; these being Risks Incorporated, UK Protection Ltd, Kopek Security and DSG Close Protection. My work ethic is strong and I have gained valuable workplace skills and experience during my time in the police and the training courses I have undertaken, in preparation for the role. These include: search techniques, security, urban & rural surveillance, residential security management, excellent customer service, loss prevention, risk assessment, communication and conflict management. I am always open to new ideas and ways to increase my personal development and I would appreciate any direction as to potential future work. Thank you for your time and I wish you the very best over the holdiay period. Kind regards, Adam

Posted by Adam Cartwright at 2020-12-24 21:07:50 UTC