Altruism refers to the practice of selfless concern for the welfare of others. It is the act of helping others without any expectation of personal gain. On this week's podcast, with the help of Chris and Denida Grow, we discussed the benefits of giving back as a protector, how to incorporate social responsibility into executive protection, and strategies for philanthropic giving. If you haven't already signed up for the 2 day, Bodyguards for Kids event, we highly recommend you add this to your annual CPD plan. Chris and Denida have managed to pull together some of the top speakers in their fields to deliver 19 informative and varied learning sessions for protectors. And what's more, the event will be conducted by our very own @Phelim (BBA Team) and Chuck Randolph (Conversations in Close Protection). If you want to learn more about the event and the speakers, listen to this week's podcast with Chris and Denida. Or, to secure a place at the event, hit the button and make a $39 donation to St Jude Childrens Hospital. We're looking forward to connecting with everyone who attends over the 2 days.

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2023-03-11 11:13:28 UTC