Good evening My name is Cristina I am 48 years old I am from London. I have been in the industry of CP for about 18 years. I am highly resourceful and experienced in the security industry, multi skilled, and highly trained with a wide range of knowledge.  I also have a record of successful security operations, and staff management. I am multilingual and speak three languages: Greek, Romanian, and English.  I am experienced at implementing operational plans and achieving set objectives.  You will find that I am polite, courteous, and a confident communicator at ease under pressure, whilst ensuring client safety and integrity.  I have substantial experience of working with the Metropolitan police. At the moment I'm not working and I'm looking for something a bit more permanent .CP or RST. I'm looking forward to hear from you especially if you have anything. Warm regards Despina Cristina

Posted by bubulinainternet at 2023-03-13 19:52:21 UTC