How many times have you heard ''A healthy mind within a healthy body''? That's the famous quote by the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Thales (Miletus, 624 – 546 BC). There appears to be no end to the talk within the executive protection industry about the importance of keeping the body healthy, serious workouts, dietary regimens, and all the many articles on how to do so. But when it comes down to mental health, there is an enormous void and a lot of silence. It seems like anything revolving around this topic is considered taboo to discuss and has a paralyzing stigma surrounding it. We had the pleasure of attending Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke's presentation on  ''Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness and Surrounding Topics'' this last weekend and what an eye-opening discussion that was! Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke has over 30 years of psychology, security, and investigative experience and helped us understand and better define mental health and mental illness, highlighting their differences, and talking about topics surrounding them. She also discussed mental health myths, the most common mental health disorders in the United States, some signs & symptoms, and treatments for mental illness. As Executive Protection agents, how many of us are personally dealing with a mental disorder and we are afraid to talk about it because we may be stigmatized or even lose our jobs? How many believe that if you are in the security industry and you are known to have any mental struggle, that it will automatically make you appear too weak for the job? How many of our colleagues are suffering from PTSD and they can't talk about it? In our industry, mental health matters and plays a major part in our performance, let's break the stigma! Talk about it and seek help and support! Companies, make sure you value your employees' mental health as well as you value work performance! #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthinsecurity #drmarybethwilkasjanke #mentalhealthstigma #executiveprotection #securityservices #securityprofessionals #securitycompany #closeprotection #ptsdawareness #ptsd

Posted by LeMareschal at 2023-03-22 23:21:25 UTC