Good afternoon Team, I have again received numerous emails and text messages regarding Minerva Elites role at the Championships this year, following social media posts from other companies and the description of their tasks. For clarity, I can confirm that the tasks Minerva Elite are solely responsible for in 2023 and the following three years are: Wimbledon Qualifying Tournament at Roehampton. Court Protection for all courts during The Championships. Player Escorts for all Courts during The Championships. Court Intrusion Teams for Centre and Number One Courts. The accreditation system opens in March, and Wimbledon AELTC have requested that we present updated documents for the system and vetting process. Therefore, the following documents are requested from you, regardless of if we already have received them from you. We apologise in advance for this, however, these are the clients requirements for staff working at their venues. Updated and current CV New current photograph – Head and shoulders, face on, neutral background Copy of passport or UK Driving Licence Copy of SIA licence Copy of ACT Certificate of completion (Action Counters Terrorism) Minerva Contractor Information sheet (attached it to this email) The dates for your diary are: 22nd June to 29th June for the qualifiers (40 personnel) 3rd July to 16th July for the Championships (110 Personnel) We are still in the planning stages, and will contact you all soon with a task order, which will include your position, team and working dates/location. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Warmest Regards Jo Griffiths Office Support E:

Posted by Sean C at 2023-03-23 15:04:42 UTC