Good morning I'm Leonard mitton and i am searching for security firms that are open to recruitment I am an exsoldier of 19 years of which i served with the Royal welch fusiliers and i spent two years in a reconnaissance section I'm looking for a foot hold in to the industry or any evaluable recruitment for close protection operatives as i am looking to become a member to any willing security team and be a valuable asset if you would please let me know of any upcoming opportunity's and I know and realise there is a lot to learn in this industry but i need to start somewhere so im hoping that someone can point me in the right direction or point me to the right people to help me get a foot on the right ladder with my carrier as a close protection operative so i am respectfully trying to reach out for some professional guidance and some constructive advice if you can help me in anyway i would be sincerely grateful again thank you

Posted by lenny_mitton2001 at 2023-03-24 18:27:39 UTC