Please feel free to invite your significant others (who are not familiar with security procedures). We will be offering a free child safety seminar on May 14th at 10:00 am PST. At this online seminar, we will focus on the critical issue of child safety, which is of utmost importance to us. We will be providing valuable insights and practical guidance on identifying potential threats and creating a safer and more secure environment for your children. Our seminar, called "Watchful," will highlight the various dangers that children face every day, and we will teach you how to be a more vigilant parent and aware of your surroundings. By being in this state of mind, we believe we can help create safer families and more secure communities. As this is an interactive online activity, we have a limited number of spots available. However, we encourage everyone who is interested to attend, as you will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in real-time with our instructors. To register your interest, please email your contact details to, mentioning the "Watchful" seminar in the subject line.

Posted by LeMareschal at 2023-05-12 00:00:11 UTC