In my 20+ years of experience in this challenging, yet rewarding industry, I have encountered numerous women who felt compelled to conceal their feminine side and conform to a more stereotypically "strong" image, often manifesting in a competitive attitude towards their male counterparts. They sacrifice who they are and what they are in an attempt to join the ranks of their male team members. They often will assume the same look and act in ways that appear as though there's some type of unseen competition happening. They even speak, when in team confines, as the men do, betraying who they are and the respect they are due. Amongst women in our Craft, the first thought, and misguided conception, that the female practitioners embrace and quite often emulate, is the attempt to "be" like the men. However, I want to remind all you Ladies, that strength encompasses a multitude of meanings. In our line of work, you have the power to be strong and feminine simultaneously. You can be strong, intelligent, and feminine while demonstrating remarkable competence in protecting others. By being who you are, and being hired for exactly who you are, you can add a huge value to the protection team. It is essential to recognize that true strength arises from embracing all aspects of your identity. The key lies in recognizing and valuing those diverse aspects, not sacrifice them for a lesser solution. There are a great many tasks within a protection team that men simply cannot perform due to gender or cultural limitations. BE a woman! There are so many facets of you that are unique and cannot be substituted or replaced. By honoring your authentic self, you not only break free from the confining expectations imposed upon you but also inspire others to do the same. You are a force to be reckoned with, a trailblazer who can achieve greatness while staying true to yourself. So, hold your head high, embrace your femininity, and let your strength radiate from within. #womeninsecurity #femaleexecutiveprotectionagents #femalebodyguards

Posted by LeMareschal at 2023-05-26 04:04:23 UTC