Good Morning to all inthe UK and around the world. What ever your time line wishing everyone well, and to stay blessed. It's been a while since I've posted anything so its time to ask the certain questions to very experienced fellow members on this platform. Understanding HOTELS & COMMUNICATION, for UHNW INDIVIDUAL, and HAS anyone any tips on THIS. Where do we start. Would this be the PA of the client, Do we do advance recce and build the relationships with the hotel directly to the management. How much experience would you need to build your knowledge to do this? Which courses would any one recommend for this particular topic? Online, in person, or both. The soft skills, customer service, building a relationship are they important for your task relationship with management or not, Does Parking need to be addressed, and how would you go about this If there was an emergency. If you have to leave the country with the client. Also would there be any storage for the clients vehicle and where to store this, would you have back up garage, or safe secure parking. Within the grounds of knowing the knowledge about the hotel. Working abroad booking hotels in advance procedure. What if you clients were asked to leave. How would you deal with this. LAST QUESTION. ON HOTELS. Some many hotels are different to lay outs of the building and certain one are countryside bound would a EP agent or SIA cp licenced operator stay in the same hotel as the clients hotel instead of travelling to a destination out of reach.

Posted by Mohammad Naziam(Naz) Akram at 2023-07-18 10:00:50 UTC