*Imposter Syndrome* Since embarking on a journey of delivering coaching one of the big things that seems to come up time and time again with security professionals is - Imposter Syndrome. A little voice in our heads, a niggling feeling that makes us doubt our accomplishments, questioning if we truly deserve our successes. It’s something I’ve suffered with in the past as I’m sure have many reading this. As a professional, I have often found myself seeking more knowledge, more courses, and more certifications in a bid to combat any internal doubts held. Each course as you embark on can feel like an additional layer of armor, shielding against that sense of being exposed in an area where you maybe don’t feel so comfortable, where you don’t quite have all of the pieces yet. Within this pursuit of validation, the potential of taking action can sometimes be overshadowed. The truth is, the cycle of endlessly acquiring knowledge becomes a comfort zone in itself, ironically fueled by the fear of not knowing enough. But remember, the real growth comes when we step out of our comfort zones, when we apply what we've learned, and when we face the challenges head-on. Once you step outside of that classroom only 80 percent of what you have learned is retained in the short term, within a month that drops to 20 percent! By taking action, carrying out and applying the lessons you have learned significantly enhances knowledge retention and your overall understanding of that particular subject matter. Continuous learning is crucial, but it's the combination of knowledge and action that will propel you forward. The more we do, the more we learn from experience. That's where the real transformation happens. Embrace the courses, gather the knowledge, but don’t forget that it's action taking that will provide the strides forward in your journey of advancement helping to get that knowledge really dialled in. #ImposterSyndrome #KnowledgeAndAction #GrowthMindset #securityprofessionals https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaunlwest

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2023-08-09 07:23:04 UTC