"What Season Are You In Within Your Security Career?" Exploring the various seasons of life can be intriguing. These phases often prompt self-reflection about our current circumstances. So, why not apply this concept to your career as a Security Professional? Viewing your career through the lens of life's seasons sheds light on where you are at allowing you to plan for what lies ahead. "Spring" Phase: The Learning Stage During the "Spring" phase of your security career (early 20's to 30's), focus is on growth and development. This period involves establishing yourself within the security industry, honing your skills, and gaining valuable experience. Traits include dedication, enthusiasm, desire for knowledge, a drive to prove yourself, fresh perspective. Diversity, advancement, and feedback fuels motivation. "Summer" Phase: Performance Stage In the "Summer" of being a Security Professional (30's and 40's), focus shifts toward performance and ambitions. You aim for roles that let you demonstrate your competence taking on responsibilities. Simultaneously, personal commitments like family, projects, and hobbies may demand your attention. Traits characterising the "Summer" stage encompass eagerness, ambition, teamwork, networking prowess, forward and results-oriented thinking. This phase holds the risk of burnout due to juggling multiple priorities or exceeding healthy limits. "Autumn" Phase: Self-Discovery In the "Autumn" of your security career (40’s and 50’s), you aim to achieve balance and significance, highlighting excellence in both professional and personal aspects. Prominent qualities that shine through include extensive knowledge, dedication to upholding quality, a sense of humility that places goals above all, and a mindset driven by achieving results. The pursuit of roles that call for expertise, experience, keen judgment, and acknowledgment of one's contributions takes on paramount importance. "Winter" Phase: Reflective Sage In "Winter," (50’s and 60’s) your focus shifts toward deepening knowledge and exploring new opportunities. The need to prove yourself diminishes and your attention turns to the quality of life. Traits often associated with the "Winter" stage comprise wisdom, life experience, mastery as an expert and mentor, and adeptness in risk appraisal. Striving for harmony within this stage entails acknowledgment, respect, meaningful contributions, unity, and adjustments that provide well-being. These descriptions won't perfectly align with every individual, given the various entry paths into security—spanning ex-military, police, and civilian backgrounds. Adopting the perspective of career seasons helps you assess your current position and ensures you're primed for the next phase. Envision where you wish to be in the "Winter" of your career and take actionable steps to reach there before time slips away. Just like seasons in life, the seasons of your career unfold before you, offering opportunities for growth and transformation. https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaunlwest

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2023-08-11 06:59:22 UTC