How to Plan Out a Successful Security Career: Everyone’s journey is different however I hope the below points can serve to help you plot out a successful career path within the security industry. Step 1: Define Your Path Clarify your career goals within the security field. Identify areas of specialisation that you have an interest in such as executive protection, physical security, cybersecurity, risk management, or security consultancy. Understand the skills, qualifications, and certifications required for your chosen path. Research training providers and plan out a timeline for obtaining these qualifications. As your career progresses, different opportunities will arise so be prepared to adjust your path along the way. Step 2: Build a Strong Foundation Gain the right knowledge and skills. Work towards a degree or certifications in the field you're interested in. Regardless of which specialisation you choose executive protection, physical security, cybersecurity, risk management, security consultancy or another you should look to develop a strong understanding of core security principles and practices. These principles will be transferrable across the various niches and specialisations so this won’t be time wasted and will serve you well regardless of the specialisation you have chosen. Step 3: Gain Practical Experience This is where the real learning happens. The practical experience gained when carrying out your first role/s is invaluable. This is where you begin to apply all that you've learned in real situations, you can only really learn your trade and all of the nuances involved with it by carrying out the role in real time. Be like a sponge and absorb all the knowledge you can from those around you to improve your skillset. This is also the time to start growing your professional network. In culmination, planning a successful security career involves defining your goals, building a strong foundation through embarking on courses and obtaining the relevant qualifications and training relevant to your niche. Once you have done all of the above you must then seek practical experience to enable you to apply your knowledge effectively. It is through the application of knowledge where growth takes place. #SecurityCareerPlanning #SuccessInSecurity #PathToSuccess

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2023-08-22 08:30:14 UTC