For my colleagues in the security industry: If you're providing protective services, it's essential to integrate intelligence into your security operations. We all understand that establishing an intelligence division can be costly, from setting it up and hiring trained analysts to investing in various platforms and tools. This is why we're introducing 'Intelligence On-The-Go' for small and medium-sized security providers. With our extensive experience in both intelligence and protective operations, we recognize the invaluable nature of intelligence. We also understand that many of our peers might not implement it due to the associated costs. That's why we've made it affordable for everyone. With 'Intelligence On-The-Go', you can hire our analysts who will deliver instant intelligence whenever and wherever you need it! We provide Customized Intelligence Reports: -Up-to-date information on security #threats. -Risk management strategies. -Insights into #global events. -Social Media #Monitoring. ✔ Tailored for Every Business: Whether you're a budding startup or an established enterprise, LeMareschal is here to ensure you're always informed. Our dedicated team of intel analysts is committed to providing #bespoke Intelligence Reports tailored just for you. ✔ Global Reach, Local Impact: Leveraging our global #network, we offer real-time, relevant intelligence that empowers you to stay ahead of the curve. Our easy-to-read reports are designed to equip you with the information you need to make confident and secure decisions. ✔ Expertise You Can Trust: Our #diverse team comprises seasoned security and intelligence #professionals. Trained to the highest standards and with the latest intelligence platforms and tools, they are adept at delivering exceptional report products that stand out in clarity and precision. ✔ Comprehensive Intelligence Reports: Stay updated with our easy-to-read reports that cover a wide spectrum—from security threats and risk #management strategies to global #events. Our global network ensures you receive timely, accurate, and detailed insights, empowering you to stay a step ahead. Intelligence isn't just data - it's a tool. A tool that equips you to make confident, secure decisions. With our risk #briefings, you're not just informed, you're prepared. In a world where information is power, don't let your business be left in the dark. Intelligence reporting isn't just an add-on, it's an integral component of a robust security plan.   What Makes Our Intelligence Division Unique? It's not just about intelligence— it's about understanding its application. Our analysts are not only skilled in intelligence analysis but also have hands-on experience in protective operations and security services. They know what's crucial for protective and security teams, ensuring you get actionable insights.   Partnering with LeMareschal for your Intelligence needs you receive: ✔ Dedicated Intel Analysts: A team of #intel #analysts assigned just for you. ✔ Multi-Disciplinary Expertise: Our analysts are trained in both intelligence and #protective services. ✔ Affordable Packages: Intelligence shouldn't be a luxury, it's a necessity we make affordable for all security companies.   Intelligence is The Cornerstone of Your #Security Plan. Reach out to us to discover how LeMareschal can elevate your #security and #intelligence game. Intelligence is valuable, and with LeMareschal, it's within your reach! Call +1 360-403-5654 or Visit

Posted by LeMareschal at 2023-09-11 22:38:15 UTC