Taking a moment to connect with my network and share a bit of my journey! Life rarely follows a straight path. Throughout my career, I've been dedicated to self-improvement, whether it's been refining myself, my business, or any of the projects I've been involved in. I've experienced both exceptional and challenging years within my business. But wherever I've been on that journey, I've been fortunate enough to have worked on and cultivated a robust mindset and resilience that has seen me through the tough times and kept me grounded during the prosperous ones. Recently, I made a significant change in direction and like any major change in your life, business or career the decision to take the plunge and make the change can be difficult. I can honestly say it wasn't a decision that was difficult for me. Sometimes there are life events that make you take stock of where you are at and when you reach a certain fork in the road you need to make a decision. I thought I'd share the steps I took in planning my change in direction - Step 1 - I reviewed where I was at and where I wanted to be. Step 2 - I reviewed the qualifications and skills I needed to get there, Step 3 - I visualised any obstacles or potential challenges and created strategies to mitigate them. Step 4 - I set the plan in motion and made it happen. These steps may appear straightforward, but when life gets in the way, it can be challenging to see the path forward. So, if simplifying and breaking down my decision-making process here can assist someone, I'm more than happy to share. In summary - Set your goal, assess what's necessary to reach it, anticipate any potential obstacles, and create strategies to overcome them. Then, take the action required and make it happen!

Posted by Shaun (BBA Team) at 2023-09-14 07:34:40 UTC