It's that time again; our latest issue of the Circuit Magazine is hot off the press and diving deep into the world of AI. If you're curious to learn the differences between Chinese chatbots and those built in the West, the creativity behind AI models or the blurred lines of innovation and oversight, then Issue 66 covers it all: Inside this issue: - 🧠 Dissecting the real 'creativity' behind Large Language Models like ChatGPT. - πŸš— Expert insights on augmenting your skillset in the protective operations sector. Think advanced driving, surveillance, and next-level situational awareness. - πŸ” Untangling the relationship between AI advancements, security concerns, and unintended biases. - πŸ•ΆοΈ And, a deep-dive into the subtle art and science of situational awareness. Get settled in and enjoy this journey through the realms of tech, security, and the spaces in between. How to get your copy: Members: Get your FREE copy inside the app in the Members section. Everyone else: You can buy the latest issue or subscribe here: #CircuitMag66 #CPTechConvergence #AIDeepDive P.S. As always, we're all ears for your thoughts, reflections, and the occasional praise! But whatever you want to say, share away in the comments! πŸ“£

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2023-09-27 12:45:42 UTC