There are a couple of things we should highlight from this incident: 1) Cultural (and religious #etiquette) is very important when you visit specific countries. Dubai is a beautiful place BUT, it is also a very strict place for foreigners. Tapping anyone on the head can be considered disrespectful, regardless of their religion. It is even worse when dealing with Muslims as the head is considered the noblest part of the body in Islam. Touching or tapping someone's head can be seen as highly disrespectful. Even outside of religious considerations, it's essential to respect personal boundaries. Not everyone is comfortable with physical touch from others, especially if it's unexpected or from someone they aren't close with. 2) When in doubt, don’t do it. When you find yourself in places that you are not familiar with, consider removing yourself and your client as quickly as possible rather than raising your hands or being physical, even if you are just ‘’doing your job”. Have in mind, in foreign countries as a traveler, you are not ‘’doing your job”, you are just another tourist. 3) Make sure you have a lawyer on your speed dial, especially a local one. When dealing with controversial clients, chances are you may find yourself in trouble more than you would like. So, either you have one or ask your client to provide one…Better to have and not need, rather than need and not have. 4) It doesn’t matter how you feel about another country’s laws. Whether you find them fair or not, when you visit, you obey. It appears as though this specific individual has made the news long before this incident with other less-than-appropriate actions. Let’s hope this serves as a lesson for all who are “doing their jobs” in foreign countries, makes us more aware, and wish him a quick return back home. #CulturalEtiquette #TravelRespectfully #ReligiousSensitivity #TouristAwareness #KnowTheLaws #TravelSafely #TravelerResponsibility #ForeignCountryEtiquette #InternationalEP #TravelSafetyConsiderations

Posted by LeMareschal at 2023-10-24 21:38:48 UTC