For the ladies in our network: The Women in Security Empowerment Network (WISE) is a pioneering initiative dedicated to uplifting, supporting, and championing the roles and contributions of women in the security industry, fostering an environment of growth, recognition, and collaboration. 💬 PURPOSE OF THE WISE NETWORK -Establish a nexus for women in the security industry to connect, collaborate, and champion one another. -Promote an inclusive environment, ensuring harmonious collaboration with other groups, organizations, and our male counterparts. 🎯 OUR GOALS -Empowerment & Collaboration: Members are committed to assist and support one another, share resources, celebrate achievements, and facilitate professional development. -Outreach & Mentorship: We strive to support both seasoned professionals and industry newcomers. This encompasses sharing industry news, offering mentorship, and assisting women transitioning from the public to the private sector. We eagerly anticipate collaborations with other security groups, organizations, and training providers. -Public Education: Our dedication to elevating awareness about women in security will be achieved through articles, member highlights, interviews, and organizational partnerships. -Challenges and Solutions: By identifying and addressing the prevalent challenges women in security encounter, will allow us to create effective strategies and support systems. -Skill-sharing and Training: WISE is envisioned as a conduit for skill exchange and perpetual learning. We're keen to organize workshops and host guest speakers to augment our collective knowledge. -Mentorship Program: The inception of a mentorship program within our network will offer direction and support for women aspiring to thrive in their protective careers. -Resource Sharing: Sharing valuable resources and tools will allow members to enhance their professional skills and stay ahead in the dynamic security landscape. -Networking Opportunities: Proposing ideas for networking events, conferences, or meet-ups will fortify our industry connections. -Advocacy and Awareness: WISE aims to raise awareness about the significant number of women in security and advocate for gender equality and empowerment. -Collaboration Projects: Explore potential collaborative projects that will enable us to leverage our collective expertise for meaningful initiatives. JOINING OUR NETWORK Prospective members must submit an application request, accompanied by their CV in PDF form to the group email address Applications will undergo review during our next meeting.

Posted by LeMareschal at 2023-10-29 18:24:04 UTC