For the Ladies in our industry, have you signed up yet? The Women in Security Empowerment Network (WISE) is a pioneering initiative dedicated to uplifting, supporting, and championing the roles and contributions of women in the security industry, fostering an environment of growth, recognition, and collaboration. 📢 About WISE Network - The mission of the WISE Network is to create a vibrant community where women in the security and protection sectors can discover resources, exchange insights, advocate for one another, and receive mentorship, training, and further education. The network celebrates women's contributions and acknowledges the integral part they play in the broader security and protective industries. 📌 Purpose - WISE Network seeks to: -Establish a core platform for women in the security and protection sectors to network, collaborate, and support one another. -Advocate for an inclusive culture, promoting seamless collaboration with other groups, organizations, and male peers. 🎯 Key Goals: -Empowerment: A commitment to uplifting the members, sharing resources, and facilitating professional growth. -Mentorship: Guiding women to grow and develop in their security and protection careers. -Outreach: Assisting both seasoned experts and newcomers in partnering with other security groups and professional organizations. -Skill-sharing and Training: Hosting free workshops, seminars, and guest speaker sessions. -Resource Sharing: Disseminating tools and resources essential for professional development. -Networking: Strengthening industry connections through introductions, events, and meet-and-greets. -Advocacy and Awareness: Promoting the role of women in security. -Collaboration: Assist members to create connections and work together on joint initiatives, harnessing collective expertise. How to Join - Interested individuals are encouraged to submit an application along with their CV to: The applications will be evaluated during the subsequent WISE monthly meeting and each applicant will be notified of the board’s decision.

Posted by LeMareschal at 2023-11-15 04:25:45 UTC