RANT: ⚠️ To foreign security companies/officers coming work in France 🇫🇷 (Or even other country that is not yours): - don’t be so arrogant, you’re not in your country and you don’t know the reality of the ground, you know only google. - don’t give bad info: i.e : police number is 17 not another number! - the local staff you hire knows better the real local threat than you (if you hire professional of course 😁) . Google is not a security specialist. Stay humble and better to respect the locals officers as it is them who can assist you in case of sh!t! Have a think about it 😉 #ForeignSecurityCompany #Travel #France #Insecurity #CloseProtection #SecurityService #Partnership #StayHumble #InternationalSecurity #UKsecurityCompany #USsecurityCompany

Posted by cedric tortevoix MSyl at 2023-11-26 14:16:21 UTC