Addressing the Challenges in Security Vetting in UK SE operatives The issue of vetting self-employed security professionals has sparked significant discussion within our industry. While there's a growing call for all security operatives to be PAYE members of staff to combat tax evasion, ensure fair pay in low level security and ensure vetting is completed properly, I believe this approach overlooks the complexities of freelance work. As freelancers, we often work for various companies on short-term assignments, sometimes just for an hour. Demanding PAYE status in such situations seems impractical. Imagine needing references from short-term gigs five or ten years down the line – it's neither logical nor feasible. Moreover, enforcing PAYE could create administrative chaos, with freelancers listed as employees of dozens of companies, potentially raising red flags with HMRC. Instead of burdening freelancers, we need a revamped vetting process that respects the freelance nature of our work. Currently, the vetting process is cumbersome and repetitive. Companies often mishandle our personal data, repeatedly requesting the same documents and forcing us to fill out redundant forms. This inefficiency wastes valuable time. To streamline this process, I propose the establishment of a centralized database where operatives can upload their documents for companies to access as needed with the operatives permission, without storing the data. This solution would enhance efficiency while safeguarding operators sensitive information. Given the inefficiencies of existing systems, relying on the SIA isn't viable. Are there any tech-savvy individuals willing to champion this initiative and make it a reality?

Posted by natashar at 2024-03-22 14:22:49 UTC