Heres an interesting little exercise to consider. There’s no right or wrong answers. Just 2 alternate options, each with pros and cons. Your principal is in meeting at the location marked by the red pin. You are a solo operator, acting as both security and driver. You need to position yourself for pick up and have 2 options. Option A (orange star) has a parking position with eyes on the main entrance/exit to the building where the principal is conducting their meeting. However, the client vehicle would not be able to pull up in front of the exit point when the client departs due to the one way system. Option B (blue star) is parked in a position that allows them to pull up in front of the exit point to do a curb side pick up. However, the security does not have eyes on the main entrance/exit and cannot leave the vehicle unattended. Other factors to consider: - Low-risk meeting, low-profile client, no known threats. - The security professional is working solo, without a requirement to accompany the client inside. - The client follows an established SOP, informing the security of their departure via text or call. Given these parameters, which option would you choose and why?

Posted by Jon (BBA Team) at 2024-04-10 12:50:55 UTC